October 13, 2004

An Introduction...

Hello! This is Apoorva Joshi and this blog is for all hopeful Software Test Engineers as well as experienced ones. More importantly this blog welcomes anyone who is not of the software world... its always a good challenge to explain a non-tech person on how things work in the tech world. Every tried explaining your Grandmom how a C++ compiler works?

Who am I?

Call me an amateur tester. I test for fun. Sometimes my job deals with testing, which again equates to fun. I hail from the city of Bombay (renamed Mumbai), India. Currently I live in the United States of America. I am bad at self-publicity hence anything more you would just have to ask.

What this blog would cover?

Anything and everything which is related to Software Testing. The mindset of a Software Test Engineer, few experiences, interviewing tips and any other suggestions you would have. Most probably I would pick some Microsoft technologies as an example from time to time. Yes, I am a fan of Microsoft (no I dont work for them) and the way they take testing seriously (of late). More so this blog is aimed at creating an awareness of testing. Why should one take testing seriously. Its a small start to making this software world a more secure place.


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