December 03, 2004

Google v/s MSN

As of now, Google is the mother of all searches. Smart hires and difficult interviews to get through into Google (at least the US locations).

Microsoft is warming up on the search front and altho BillG admits that Google is miles ahead, promises Microsoft will produce a much better search engine few years down the line (maybe 5?). The problem is just like how almost all people expect Windows on their PC, most people expect Google in their search. Just like its impossible (almost) to change laymen from Windows to Unix/Linux, its going to be difficult to change people from Google to MSN Search. Create a better engine, but how do you change the mindsets of the people? Marketting? Maybe... but nothing beats good quality.

Anyways, just a funny thing I found out... I was just trying MSN Search and comparing it to Google Search. So I type up "Apoorva Joshi" (yeah yeah, I am in love with myself) in both.

Google gives me 37 hits. But there is no mention of this blog or my personal blog.

MSN gives me 6 hits, and it does count in (my personal blog).

Interesting! I never expected my blog to show up really. With Google it was out of question, since its spiders would find no links. But it makes me wonder, what is MSN using that it missed out on 32 links which Google caught up, but got through into this one link which Google did not. I am no search engine expert so sorry if this question sounds like an average dumbass one to you.

Irony of things, I have posted on many MSDN blogs about stuff and it shows up in Google, but not on MSN. Whereas blogger is a Google based software and it shows up on MSN and not Google. How about searching your own house before you look into your neighbours buddy?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

32 Links which Google caught up? You mean 31... since MSN got 6 and google got 37, 37-6 = 31.

OK... I really have nothng better to do.


1:08 PM  
Blogger APOO said...


I still say its 32. MSN caught one which Google did not. So common between MSN and Google are only 5 (not 6). Hence 32 links which Google caught, MSN did not.

U get my point... ?

- Apoorva Joshi

12:11 AM  
Blogger kcdike said...

Also had the same problem. MSN turns up fewer results but found my blog. Google turns up more results but could not find the blog.

9:33 AM  

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