December 30, 2004

Some Questions, Answered...

I had mentioned it before that I follow Michael Hunters blog pretty religiously. A while back I sent him a few questions about some issues which needed a higher opinion. He was pretty quick in getting back with a reply, which happened to be in form of a blog post.

Definitely worth a read. You could find the post at:

Updated 8th Jan 2005, another post to a question I had asked Michael.

Thanks Mike!!

Also, check out his blog titles. Always found them innovative.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


You had mentioned that this blog would also be for those new to the field of software testing. I would fit in the "New" category which also gives me the excuse of asking basic questions. What is the Software Development Cycle and how does Testing fit into this Development?


- Pete

11:19 PM  
Blogger APOO said...

Altho basic, this is a very good question. I shall address this in my future post.



12:02 AM  

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