January 18, 2005

My OS... on the Web!

A thought which crossed my mind (ok, I admit it was triggered off by something I read) but somewhere in the future, gone are the days of your desktop having an Operating System. How about having an OS on the web? All I do is push in an internet cable into my PC and it connects to my web-OS. Anywhere I go, I have access to my OS. I can log onto my PC from India, I can log onto my PC from Alaska. It doesnt matter if I log in on a P-4 or a P-1. My speed wont be affected since my OS runs off a server and not off my desktop. Windows, are you in trouble? Or do I see a Longhorn - Web come up few years down the line? If not... Google, are you listening?? For that matter, any other startup, are you listening? I have a brilliant idea...!!

I think its going to happen (who had thought of 1 GB e-mail space few years ago?). Its just a matter of time!

Talking about Google,
here is an excellent move by them to make comment spams redundant!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ha ha! Easier said than done man! Do you know the kind of complications which would be involved in creating a system like that? If you want to run a C++ compiler from your "Web-OS" can you imagine the kind of complications involved? And mow imagine a million users doing that!!

1:13 PM  
Blogger APOO said...

I never said it would be simple! Neither is providing 1 GB of e-mail space simple (if you were in 1980). So maybe in 2015.... I'll comment when it happens. :-)

Nevertheless, its an idea wqorth thinking about. I can access my PC through my cell phone in that manner... from anywhere, anytime! Exciting?

6:58 PM  

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