January 31, 2005

Job Opening

I got this call (actually e-mail + call) and would like to pass it on. I dont know how good/bad the position is, but its primararily VB.NET, ASP.NET, JavaScript, SQL server kind of position at ConnectXcite. Description Follows:
"Seeking an exceptional individual for a .NET programming position, based out of Metrowest, Boston. The ideal candidate will be interested in our company’s growth and their own by extension. Qualities we desire include taking initiative, getting work done no matter what, passion for what you are doing and the ability to handle pressure. You should be able to step up as we grow.

We are only seeking someone who is aligned with our company’s goals -- meaning a dedication to developing, enhancing and customizing the product for the clients. You will be partly responsible for taking our company to the next level and will also be given an equity stake in the company.


Experienced in .NET technologies- VB.NET, ASP.NET, JavaScript, SQL server. (Oracle would be a good addition, but not required)

Technically, extremely smart. You will need to troubleshoot on your own. Need to be hands-on and able to code systems on your own as soon as hired.

Ability to work closely with clients, requirements gathering, and develop throughout the software install life cycle

2-4 years industry experience

Passion, positive attitude, client-focused, team player

Hard worker, reliable, results-oriented

Ability to think in terms of software reuse, libraries and methodologies (process)"
If you want to apply, just send me an e-mail with your resume at apoorvajoshi@gmail.com and I would pass it on to the person responsible.
Note: This is not for the company I work for or in no way do I know any other information about this company. I got the above information due to my contacts/network. I have no other information about this company whatsoever. And yes, they will sponsor H1B visas for the right candidate.


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